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Bubble Football / Zorb Football Game Details

Bubble Football is a hilarious and chaotic twist on the beautiful game, strap yourselves into your giant inflatable bubble football suits and step onto the pitch, then barge, bounce and bump your way through a thrilling five-a-side match.

We were the first and official Bubble Football / Zorb Football company in the UK. We have been in business for over 10 years and have organised 1000’s of events Nationwide.

Bubble Football / Zorb Football or Zorbing Football it doesn’t matter, we know what you are talking about and it’s as fun as the name sounds!

We run Bubble Football / Zorb Football for Stag & Hen groups, Team Building, Kids & Adult birthday Parties and work with hundreds of centres Nationwide, which can be added to your package.

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Bubble Football FAQ

Restrictions – Maximum Height – 6′ 8”, Maximum Weight – 23 stone.
Ages: 6 years old – 60. Years old
Parental consent required for any participant under 16.
Unfortunately, adults and children under 14 cannot play in the same session together.

Participants must complete a brief health questionnaire before the game.

Who Can Play?

Participants – must be fit, healthy and not pregnant or under the influence or Alchol or drugs. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions you should check with your doctor beforehand to be declared fit enough to play. Mixed gender sessions are allowed as long as players are sensible.

Spectators – It’s also great fun to watch and unlimited numbers of family and friends are welcome to come along on the day, the more the merrier.

Event Questions

What destinations do you cover?

We cover all the major towns and cities in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
We also cover Marbella, Malaga and Benidorm more on the way.

What is the minimum amount of players?

We require a minimum group size of 8 Players.

What is the cost of a Bubble Football event?

Our prices start from £250 and goes up depending on how long you would like us there for.

What is included?

x10 Bubble Suits, goals and balls, event coordinator to run the event. We can source a venue this just cost an additional fee.

Why are there only 10 Bubble Suits?

All Bubble Football events are played on a 5-a-side pitch for Health and Safety and Insurance reasons so 10 Bubble Suits are provided. For larger groups, our hosts rotate players around and a lot of our groups have commented saying how tiring the activity is so they are glad of a break when it comes to swapping out with someone! Bubble Football is hilarious to watch as well so while some of you are taking a break, the game can carry on and you can watch as participants bash and bump into each other!

What is the format of your sessions?

Depending on how many players you have and your chosen format, all events vary.
Timings are dependent on your group size. Groups 0 – 18 have 60 minute events, Groups 19-25 have 90 minute events, Groups 26+ have 120 minute events.
All events begin with a safety briefing and a run down of how the bubble suits work, the rules and time to practise moving in the bubble suits.
After the briefing all sessions formats differ, please contact us for more information.

What Are Bubble Suits?

Bubble Suits are inflatable plastic bubbles, with hand grips and holes top and bottom to get in and out!

Your body, down to your legs is inside the suit, and you hold onto hand grips throughout. There is a hole above your head to let in air and for you to see out of if you bend forwards. The bubble suits have straps which can be adjusted according to your size.

What clothing is recommended?

It is recommended to wear jogging bottoms or tracksuit bottoms as you may slide along the floor. Suitable trainers and a short sleeve top are also required.

Please DO NOT wear football boots with studs / blades!

Are your venues indoors or outdoors?

All Bubble Football events are played outdoors either on 3g/asrto or grass pitches.

What if the weather isn’t good?

Bubble Football is an all weather activity. The Bubble Suits cover the body from the head down to the legs. Due to the active nature players do tend to get hot inside the suits so it is cooler to play outside even during the winter months and in varying weather conditions such as rain.
Outside events may be cancelled in extreme conditions such as gale force winds, torrential rain or heavy snow.

Can groups drink alcohol whilst playing?

No, any groups found drinking alcohol whilst playing or intoxicated will be asked to sit out and will not be entitled to a refund.

Venue Questions

Can I book / provide my own venue?

Yes, we can travel to your venue.

We will need approximately 25m x 25m, access to power and the surface must be suitable for a sporting activity with no obstacles or uneven ground that could cause injury. The pitch hired must be either astro, 3G/4G, grass, or all weather multi purpose. We cannot play on concrete or tennis courts.

If you provide your own venue and we are unable to run your activity due to health and safety (above requirements not met), there will be no refund.

Why can’t you source a venue before I book my event?

If you are in a location where we do not have a tried and tested venue then we will need to source a venue locally to you. Once your deposit is paid we will then source the venue. Timings requested upon booking may fluctuate by up to an hour either side of your requested event timings but we will do our best to secure your ideal time.

What is a 3G/4G pitch?

3G/4G pitches are the most significant and successful development in synthetic surface technology designed for football and rugby at both competitive and recreational levels.
In 3G turf, the pile (artificial grass ‘blades’) is supported by a thin base layer of sand, and by an infill of rubber crumb.
The pile height ranges from 40mm to 65mm depending on which primary sport is to be played on the surface.

Is there parking and changing facilities at my venue?

Most venues have shower and changing facilities that can be used before leaving your event, please ask us to confirm at time of booking.
Parking is venue dependent, and if required please inform us and we can look to accommodate this.

Booking Questions

How do I book?

You can book online by paying £100 deposit and the balance is due 10 day’s before your booking.

What happens if I wish to move my event to a different date or time?

We will always try to accommodate any changes however this will incur a £10 amendment fee.

What happens if I wish to cancel my event?

Our cancellation period covers up until 14 days prior to your event.
Any cancellations made within fourteen days of your event are non-refundable.

Terms and Conditions

To view our Terms and conditions page simply click this link.

Kids / Junior Events

What ages do you run events for?

Kids/Junior events are run for kids/juniors from 6 years of age until 18 years.
Children’s events are run for set age groups, and can only be played in these groups and cannot be mixed.
Children aged 6 – 9
Juniors aged 10 – 18

Do the kids/Juniors need to be of similar ages?

Kids of different age ranges will not be able to play together due to size and weight differences for health and safety purposes.
The guidelines for the children’s age groups can be found above.
We usually recommend the children’s ages to be within three years but exceptions are circumstantially allowed.

Do you provide Food/Party Rooms?

Food is not included in our packages.
We recommend all groups visit fast food chains, or restaurants close to the venues.
We can assist in finding these places at your convenience.

Additional Questions

What is Bubble Football?

Bubble football is a wacky and fun variation of soccer, where players wear large inflatable bubbles, covering their upper body and head. The aim is to score goals while bouncing, colliding, and rolling around the field. It’s a hilarious and energetic activity that adds a unique and entertaining twist to traditional football.

The inflatable bubbles add an element of unpredictability, making the game even more amusing as players bump into each other and sometimes end up rolling on the ground. It’s a great way to combine sports and laughter, making it perfect for social events, team-building, or just a day of unconventional fun. The bubbles provide a cushion, ensuring that even collisions result in more laughter than injuries. It’s an unforgettable experience that guarantees a good time for everyone involved.

How to play bubble football?

Playing bubble football is quite straightforward. Players wear large inflatable bubbles that cover their upper body and head, leaving their legs free. The basic rules are similar to traditional football, with a few twists:

1. **Objective:** Score goals by kicking the ball into the opposing team’s net.
2. **Bouncing and Colliding:** Embrace the bouncing and collisions – it’s part of the fun! Players can bump into each other to disrupt the game.
3. **No Hands:** Since your hands are inside the bubble, avoid using them to grab opponents or the ball.
4. **Referee:** Have a referee to enforce rules and ensure fair play.
5. **Safety First:** While it’s a fun game, prioritize safety. Follow guidelines provided by the bubble football organizer, and make sure the playing area is free from potential hazards. Remember, the primary goal is to have a blast while playing this hilarious and unconventional version of football!

Do you need to be fit to play bubble football?

Not necessarily! Bubble football is more about having fun and enjoying the unique experience than being super fit. The inflatable bubble adds an extra layer of challenge, and the focus is on laughter and friendly collisions rather than intense athleticism. It’s suitable for various fitness levels, making it an inclusive and entertaining activity for a diverse group of participants.

Is bubble football suitable for stag dos?

Definitely! Bubble football adds a hilarious and memorable twist to a stag do. It’s a unique and entertaining activity that everyone can enjoy, creating lasting memories for the groom and the entire group.

Are there games you can play?

Absolutely depending on how long you booked and the venue we have lots of fun games to play that our event coordinator will play on the day.

Is bubble football safe to play?

When played with proper precautions and in a controlled environment, bubble football is generally safe. The inflatable bubbles provide a cushion that helps absorb impacts, reducing the risk of injury. However, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines, use appropriate equipment, and play on a surface that minimizes the risk of slips or falls. As with any physical activity, participants should be aware of their own health and take common-sense measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What’s suitable clothing to wear whilst playing bubble football?

Wear comfortable athletic clothing, such as a T-shirt, shorts, and sports shoes with good traction. The key is to be mobile and have ease of movement. Avoid clothing with sharp accessories or anything that might puncture or damage the inflatable bubble. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring your sense of humor and a willingness to bounce around!

How do we get to our session of bubble football?

Getting to your bubble football session depends on the location. If it’s a venue, check if they provide directions or if there’s parking available. If it’s part of an organized event, the organizers usually share details on how to reach the location. Consider carpooling with others attending the session to make the journey part of the fun!

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