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Race, Compete & Laugh

Old School Sports Day is one of the most flexible of all team activities. We can stage team events on farmers’ fields or at sports field and schools. Bespoke corporate events are our speciality. We can arrange Old School Sports Day tournaments for small businesses and multi-national companies throughout the UK.

Let us know where you want to hold your next event and we can help source a venue, we can cater for any group size.

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Game Details

Taking it back in time, relive your school days with our classic activity, School Sports Day. Guaranteed to bring out the competitive side of even the most laid-back person in the group. Cheer each other on whilst competing in colour coded teams complete with bibs and head bands (it wouldn’t be school without them). Which team will be victorious for the all-important School Sports Day champions title?

Perfect Activity for Team Building Events / Stag & Hen Groups / Birthday Parties / Group Get Togethers

We got everything covered with our school classic games from egg and spoon races to tug of war, it’s all in there! We’ve even thrown in a couple of extra games for your amusement. We can also provide a Mr and Mrs half time quiz upon request for stag and hen groups. Details can be provided by speaking to our team.

What's Included?

Games Included


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Mega Mix

Best Seller!

Only £400

Please Note: We can add more activities if the group decide, price is £500 per activity. Bubble Football, Archery Tag, Adult Nerf Combat, Dodgeball, Garden Games.

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What is School Sports Day?

Sports day is a day dedicated to various sports and physical activities, often organized within schools or communities. It’s a chance for friendly competition and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

How good is School Sports Day?

Sports day is excellent for team building as it encourages collaboration, communication, and mutual support among participants. Engaging in sports activities together helps build a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

How much does School Sports Day Cost?

Our packages vary depending on time and group size. If you have under 50 players we recommend 60-90min event. If your group size is over 50 then it will be a 2-3hr event.

Who can play School Sports Day?

School Sports Day can be played anyone from the age of 6yrs and above it is a fully inclusive activity and is perfect for birthday parties / Stag & Hen parties and corporate team building events for adults and children.

Is Sports Day games safe to play?

Yes, sports day games are generally designed with safety in mind. Organizers take precautions to minimize risks and ensure a safe environment for participants. It’s important to follow rules and guidelines to enjoy the activities safely.

Where can we play School Sports Day?

We can offer sports day in every town throughout the UK we have partnered with hundreds of venues so you can come to us or we can come to you.

What’s the Minimum and Maximum number of Players that can play School Sports Day?

We can play with 8 players minimum. We have ran Team Building sports day events for 350 people in the past so would love to hear from you and am sure we can facilitate your event.

What Clothing can you wear for School Sports Day?

We reccommend wearing sports clothing and trainers.

What is the format of School Sports Day Games?

Our fun Sports Day sessions run in the same format where we have even 3-5 teams depending on your group size, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. Teams will then allocate a captain and come up with a team name. Game commense in a relay style competition and will be rewarded points throughout the game. We then finish off with Tug of War and then a small award ceremony where we can give out prizes of your choice!

Is Sports day played indoors or outdoors?

School Sports Day can be played both indoors or outdoors, we tend to play it outdoors in the spring and summer months and indoors when it starts to get cold if possible.

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This information will be stored and processed for the purpose of this enquiry and will not be shared, transferred or sold without consent.