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Blast your way to victory!

The Game

Planning your Child’s Birthday Party? Look no further, check out our NEW mobile NERF inflatable battlefield! It is specially built to give your child an amazing fun experience, plus there’re a whole lot of safety measures in place.

Why not add our unique Inflatable Army Tank! Your child REALLY needs to check this out. You can’t have a complete Nerf Gun Party without the fun of experiencing our Inflatable Army Tank.

We give your child and there friends an unforgettable Nerf Gun Party experience as they blast their way to victory! Let us come and provide the thrills and excitement of “Paintball” without the bruises and mess.

Our parties are suitable for children aged 6 and above.

We believe in learning while having fun. So we have deliberately incorporated fun into teaching great values such as good sportsmanship, cooperation, and integrity.

Our various games let the kids simulate their favorite war scenes and re-live various gun battles with adrenaline pumping, breaths gasping, and voices screeching at the top of their lungs! Cool, right? These varieties of pocket-friendly packages and games include: Capture the Flag, Civil War, The BOMB, The President, Retrieve the Bomb, Speed Nerf, Snatch & Grab, and The Predator. This is pure fun you can’t afford them not to have a taste of!

Nerf Gun Party… the ultimate fun experience for everyone to enjoy!

Open 7 days a week Nationwide.

Check out our NEW FortNerf Parties Below!

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Basingstoke Nerf Party Locations

Queen Mary Sports Centre

Basingstoke Sports & Social Club

Package 1

Only £225

Only £50 deposit to confirm your booking, and the balance can be due in cash

Package 2

Most Popular!

Only £285

Only £50 deposit to confirm your booking, and the balance can be due in cash

Combo Party

Only £399

Only £100 deposit to confirm your booking, and the balance can be due in cash

MEGA Blaster

Brand New!

Only £299

Only £50 deposit to confirm your booking, and the balance can be due in cash

Package 3

Big Event!

Only £399

Only £50 deposit to confirm your booking, and the balance can be due in cash

FortNerf Party

We now offer Fortnerf Parties. Players will start with minimal equipment, the players will then search for weapons and ammo to add to their armoury eliminate their opponents. The party will have a mixture of awesome game modes that incorporate the game itself.

Only £299

Only £50 deposit to confirm your booking, and the balance can be due in cash

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Kids Nerf Party FAQ

Q1. What age do you offer Nerf Parties from?

We offer Nerf from age 6 years up to adults!

Q2. What are the venue requirements?

During the Autumn/Winter months, we offer Nerf Parties indoors.  The hall size needs to be a minimum of 10×10 meters.  We require access to electric to inflate/deflate the inflatables that we bring and we need 30 minutes either side to set up and pack away. 

We also ask that there is adequate parking for our coordinator to unload and load their vehicle with ease.

During Spring/Summer, we can offer Nerf outdoors but please bear in mind that we require access to electric.

Q3. Can children bring their own Nerf guns?

We provide Nerf guns, but the children can bring their own Nerf guns if they wish.  We would ask that the Nerf guns are labelled with their names.

Q4. Can we have more than 20 players?

Yes – the packages allow for up to 20 players.  Any additional players above the 20 that the package allows will be £10 per person. You can opt for a team building package where you can have unlimited players and the groups rotate and you can choose your duration.  We need to know of any increase in group size at least 7 days prior to the booking.

Q5. Can adults join in?

Yes, but they would be included in the group size of 0-20 players.

Q6. Do you allow spectators?

We do ask that parents leave the hall whilst the Nerf party is being held due to stray Nerf bullets. If it’s outdoors, you can view at a safe distance.

Q7.  Do you provide food?

Food isn’t included in our packages, but most venues can supply food and a party room.

Q8. Do you stop for food?

No – we play for the duration, stopping for drinks break but we don’t stop for food.  People usually do their food/cake after the Nerf Party has finished.

Q9. Can we play music during the Nerf Party?

We ask that music isn’t played during the Nerf Party so the children can hear the coordinator’s instructions.

Q10.  Are Nerf Parties safe?

Yes – we provide safety glasses for all participants which must always be worn.  We also emphasise responsible play – so no headshots. 

The coordinator will start with a safety briefing before play starts.

Q11. I’ve paid the deposit – when is the balance due?

The balance is due in cash on the day which you hand to the coordinator.

Q12. Will I hear from you prior to the Nerf event?

You will receive a text message from the Office prior to the event with the name and contact number of the coordinator so you have their details for the day.

Q13.  I’ve ordered Nerf Party Decorations – when will I receive them?

The party decorations will be handed to you on the day when the coordinator arrives.

Q14.  What clothes should the children wear on the day?

Sports clothing and trainers are ideal. 

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